Wellbeing at La Genese


Taking time to relax and look after yourself is as much part of the holiday as anything else. At La Genèse naturist site you can enjoy the benefits of a good, relaxing massage as well as plenty of other beauty treatments.

Beauty treatment and hairdressing

Sandra is available twice a week in July and August, offering epilation, face treatment and hairdressing sessions. In April, May, June and September she is available on site by appointment.

Foot and hand treatment

Josy is available on Fridays in July and August, with or without appointment, for false nail application, nail painting (with a wide choice of designs), manicures and pedicures etc... There is something for everyone.

Body treatment

André offers different types of massage and body treatments designed for unwinding, relaxation, well-being and beauty. They adhere strictly to the ethics code established by the French Federation for Relaxation and Traditional Massages, of which he is a member. On this basis, the massages offered have no medical purpose and can in no way be a substitute for physiotherapy.

Choose the type of massage that suits you best, and start relaxing...
      • Sensory relaxation massage
      • Deep muscular massage
      • Korean relaxation
      • Manual lymphatic drainage
      • Seated massage sessions