Respecting our fundamental values


In high season La Genèse naturist campsite welcomes no less than 1200 holidaymakers every day. Given the large number of visitors, ensuring respect for our elementary values and especially each person’s nudity is a far from easy task.

Measures to encourage respect for nudity

In order for your holiday to be a success, we have decided to implement several measures encouraging respect for the naturist rules established for both owners and holidaymakers by the French Naturism Federation, to protect our naturist values.
      •  When you arrive you will be required to sign the “Commitment to the Naturist attitude”, which is to be respected by the whole family
         throughout your holiday.
      •  Bring your children to the children’s club naked to help them get used to this way of life.
      •  Certain activities or sporting competitions are only available if you come naked.
      •  Finally, fun signs on the theme of Live naturally, live naked will remind you of the naturist philosophy and respect for nudity.

Campaigning to protect our values

You will become familiar with this sign while walking around the campsite. It originated from the owners of the mobile homes and demonstrates their commitment to respecting and enforcing nudity on their pitch.

Nudity for teenagers:

While it is a liberating way of life for children, naturism can become difficult with the onset of adolescence. A body that is changing and developing and a sexuality that is emerging and needs to be got used to both make nudity in front of other people extremely difficult if not impossible.
Well aware of these problems and keen to offer gentle support, at La Genèse we allow shy teenagers to wear a sarong in order to lead them step by step towards the benefits of naturism without antagonising them.
To help them along the way we organise various activities specifically for teenagers, where they can get used to being naked together and find pleasure in doing so.

Respecting the environment:

Being part of the wider naturist family is also about making sure we protect our planet for the generations to come, via simple acts and by adopting an attitude of eco-awareness:

• EDF “Contrat Équilibre”:
Every year the Tohapi group, to which La Genèse belongs, signs a “contrat Équilibre” which, in exchange for a financial contribution, commits EDF to produce10,000,000 KWh of “green” energy (wind, solar, geothermic, hydroelectric etc.): that is the equivalent of the annual consumption of electricity by the Village Center headquarters and 80% of its holiday villages in the whole of France.

• The Green Key label:
La Genèse is listed as a Green Key site. Green Key is the first environmental accreditation for tourist accommodation. It is based on 7 elements: respect for environmental policies, water management, energy management, waste management, responsible purchases, way of life, and raising awareness of environmental issues.

• Village planting campaign:
Every year the site undergoes maintenance and replanting work.

Spending your holidays in a naturist paradise, surrounded by unspoiled nature and where you can practice nudity in community is everyone’s responsibility. Together, let’s make sure we respect our fundamental values.