Naturism : your first experience


Daring to take the plunge….

Whatever your age, discovering naturism and freeing yourself from a society all too full of conventions is always possible. The lucky ones enjoy this way of life from a tender age, while others discover it during adulthood as part of a considered decision and the choice to live differently.
For most of us, whether on the beach, after a shower or on the edge of the swimming pool, being naked is a source of pleasure and sense of wellbeing, a state where the body is free and the skin can breathe, far from the restrictions of clothing.
One day or another, this sense of completeness tempts us to prolong the pleasure…. So why not take the first step today and venture with us into this life of fulfilment, in a spirit of community and tolerance?
When you take up the quest for freedom at a holiday resort for the first time, you quickly fit in and mingle with the other holidaymakers looking for similar sensations, in the conviviality and simplicity of the larger naturist family.

Naturism: Timid beginnings

Like all first times, it is never easy to get undressed in public: you fear being judged, the perceptions of others, looking silly, bumping into someone you know… Rising above your preconceptions and upbringing and facing your fears in order to live at ease with yourself is far from being easy.
There are plenty of questions and issues, like whether you have to remain naked in all the time or not, or other people’s reaction to your nudity or your reaction to theirs.
Don’t be afraid when on holiday: when you mention that it’s your first naturist experience, the old hands will be delighted to show you round and support you in your choice of self-fulfilment and return to nature. You will be reassured and will enjoy this magical time away as it should be enjoyed.

The figures don’t lie:

The following are a few statistics showing naturism’s popularity:
      •  500,000 people practise naturism in France each year.
      •  16% of French people would be willing to try out a naturist experience.
      •  56% of French people think naturism encourages tolerance.
      •  71% of French people aren’t shocked by naturism.
      •  1.5 million tourists, in total, take part in naturist activities in France each year.

Their stories:

• Sophie B. (16 years): I started with my parents when I was little. At the time I didn’t really question it: scampering around the campsite naked with my holiday camp friends seemed pretty cool. As I grew up I understood the benefits of this precious feeling of freedom. Nowadays I sometimes find it hard to get undressed, especially in front of young people of my age, but the embarrassment passes quickly, giving way to the same feeling of wellbeing that I had during my very first naturist holidays.

• Eliot M. (68 years): Suffice to say that getting naked wasn’t very common back then: it was part of a rather revolutionary way of thinking. My first time was in August 56. My wife and I set ourselves the challenge of spending our holidays naked and seeing what happened. As soon as we arrived at the campsite, we were impressed by the prevailing conviviality and good-natured atmosphere. As if to confirm the feeling, the nudity came to us easily. We have taken the same road to freedom every summer since.

• Stéphane R. (35 years): My first time was for a laugh as a teenager with my mates. Giggling with embarrassment, at first we felt ridiculous, but in the end we loved this feeling of fulfilment: being free, feeling the wind and the sun on our skin. We had never experienced anything like it. Now the happy father of young Léa and a contented husband, I am initiating my small family to the joys of living naked.

• Melanie F. (30 years): I started off like most people, going topless on the beach and then testing out the naturist beaches in the south of France. I liked it, but wanted something else: to share and above all to live naked, not just on the beach. Holidays in a naturist village were a real revelation for me. After being insecure, I have finally managed to accept and like myself: I have rediscovered life.

You will experience indescribable feelings, so take a step forward in your life and discover who you really are.
Don’t be afraid any longer and join the road to freedom… once you have tried nudity out… you will have difficulty going back to daily life! Naturism is for the here and now…