Socnat: a major ally for La Genèse


Tentative beginnings…

It’s not always easy to move mountains and make your voice heard when you have an idea you want to share with the world. But Albert Lecocq was a man of character, vision and determination, and above all a committed naturist who believed wholeheartedly in the benefits of this philosophy and way of life, and in the beneficial effects of personal self-fulfilment. In 1950 he made the bold decision to unite his fellow naturists behind a project which at the time seemed remarkably far-fetched: collective naturist resorts. The first naturist holiday centre in Europe was born: CHM Montalivet at the tip of the Médoc, now a venerable naturist institution!

Physical activities in the great outdoors, the positive effects of sunlight, accepting others for their differences but also learning to live together in perfect harmony with the elements… the naturist philosophy is founded on simple values and a shared desire to get back to nature. Faced with the immediate and rapidly-growing popularity of this liberating new movement, and after 4 years of amateur management at CHM, in 1954 Albert Lecocq laid the foundations for the structure which continues to unite us today: Socnat, an organisation dedicated to the operation and development of naturist holiday villages.

3 campsites: 3 different atmospheres

Bolstered by the rapid success of CHM, SOCNAT soon acquired two new naturist campsites:

-         Naturist campsite Le Domaine de La Genèse at Méjannes-le-Clap, in the Gard département

-         Naturist campsite Le Clapotis located at La Palme in the Aude département.


Three holiday villages in three very different settings, allowing you to choose the resort which corresponds best to your naturist idyll. In the Gironde, the Gard or the Aude… by the ocean, in the countryside or on a pebble beach by the lake – three different settings, united by the same values and offering the same great services: mobiles homes, chalets and Ecolodge tents of superior comfort and environmental quality, sanitary facilities with solar panels to heat the water, but most importantly a beautifully-preserved natural setting where each and every naturist can enjoy their holiday to the full, whatever their age, family situation, requirements or interests.

More than just a campsite, SOCNAT represents a precious opportunity to free yourself from unnecessary burdens… clothes… body pressures…. and uptight conventions. Think finding yourself in nature…. Think Socnat.